keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

Good morning from cloudy Lapland. We are on our way to Rovaniemi and thus decided to start our market sale on our Etsy and Facebook stores already today (15 % of during 23.8.-26.8.2012 with coupon code marketsale). Some new items also available, welcome to take a look. Wishing a great end of the week to everyone, Lisa:)
Hi again, as promised here are some new pics of our newest items. These will be found in the Fair in Rovaniemi. Welcome to have a look at our booth, or if you are unable to attend, shortly you will find these items also available online. You can always also send us email  ( if there is anything specific you like and cannot be found in our online stores, any questions are welcomed. During the Fair (24.8-26.8.2012) a 15% market sale also on our Etsy and Facebook stores with code marketsale. Come and have a look! For now good night from Lapland, Lisa:) 

                                       Bracelets with wooden beads, leather band and silk cord.

                                             Macrame bracelets made of hemp cord and leather.

                                          Macrame bracelets leather.

                                    Earrings made with old Viking technique. In the middle a fresh water pearl.

                                          Bracelet made with ancient Viking technique.

                                          Bracelet and earring set. Mother of pearls.

                                                  Necklace mother of pearls, red jasper and wood.

                                                    A set of new necklaces.

                                        Energy rings. Stones, rose quartz, garnet and dalmatian jasper.

tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012

Good morning! Had to add some lines to the blog today eventhough pictures will come later on. We will be taking part to the Old Market Square Carnival of Rovaniemi and I am a bit many things to finish before the Fair. But I am getting really excited to bring our our newest collection with us to the Fair and hope that it will be well liked. I will post these new items also online shortly and would be happy to hear any comments regarding our new pieces:) But for now back to work..some pieces of the new line will be available shortly.

Have a great day everyone, from Lapland Lisa

lauantai 18. elokuuta 2012

Hello again from Lapland,

had a great day today. As usual the day started with some horsy stuff, once again visited a local horse show. The weather was great and the show was an absolute success.:) But the relaxing days are over... busy days ahead again the Old Market Square Carnival of Rovaniemi is approaching and as last year we will be taking part also this year. Fun to see those old costumes and people coming from all around Lapland to join this great fair in the Arctic Circle. Will have to take loads of pictures and post them online:). The Fair is held on 24.-26.8. 2012. Welcome!!!  I need to rush away for now, I am planning some new jewelry to the Fair, which will soon available online also in our Facebook store:) Come and have a look and also come like us on Facebook (, we'd love to have you omboard:)

Smiles from Lapland, Lisa

torstai 9. elokuuta 2012

Good day from autumn like Lapland. One really can feel the autumn and winter coming, somewhat sadly our summer is very short. However, the crisp autumn weather gives great amounts of energy and feeling of new things beginning:) With that note some new colorful items for school start (available also in kids sides upon request). Best greetings from Lapland. Lisa

keskiviikko 1. elokuuta 2012

Just quickly posting some of our newest stacking bracelets. They are all also energized. 
The whole tomorrow will most likely go on resale negotiations, hopefully it will be fun....Still working on my "Dream bag" and planning the online competition, but for now Good night from Lapland, Lisa