perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2012

Good evening, it is quite late at night and I am getting sleepy:) Gocsh! Cannot believe that I have been working the whole day from 7.30 am till now 10.50 pm. But it has been worth it...why.., well first thing of course have to stay up to see the opening of London Olympics (LOL) and also at the same time have finally been able to launch our newest project that has been planned for a couple of months now. Some of these items are already available on Etsy and there is a lot more to come..:). So welcome to see our newest project I was so excited to show these that I could not wait till tomorrow. Now I can sleep:)!! ... Good night from Lapland, Lisa

Oh, Oh, Oh, and now of course the computer DOES NOT now pics today:) but will post them tomorrow after we arrive from our favorite place i.e horse riding competition. This time dressage. CU tomorrow, Bye for now, Lisa

Back again...waited a while and gave it another try, was able to load them after all.. Loved the Mr. Bean part in the London Olympics, he is always so great and funny:)))

torstai 26. heinäkuuta 2012

Hello again from Lapland,
wanted quickly to post our newest jewellery during the busy day of "gift" making. We have decided to open up a new shop on Etsy shortly. As we have so many different items in our collections we have to separate them somehow, thus a Lilla (Swedish for litte) Boutique will be selling our handcrafted gift items while UniqueD.Scandinavia sells jewellery and bags. However, as there will be so many sites that has to be kept up UniqueD.Scandinavia and Lilla Boutique will have the same blog and the same Facebook pages. Both UniqueD.Scandinavias and Lillsa Boutique items will also be sold in a common Facebook store currenlty under UniqueD.Scandinavia. So here some latest news. Yeaa, today some horse back riding (a little break is defenately welcome!). But now here some new jewellery designs.  

Smiles from Lapland, Lisa




maanantai 23. heinäkuuta 2012

The sun is shining in Lapland and also in my mind:). The Fair last weekend was absolutely fantastic. While during the rainy days in Raahe we had to practically "run" after potential customers (due to the rain the Fair was practically empty) to persuade them to even to look at our products,  this time there was no need. The Fair was packed with people. The weekend started with a slight rain, but the two days ended up with great sunshine and tons of smiling fair goers. Probably one of the biggest fairs we have ever participated in in Lapland. The Fair was held in a local sports arena and it was full of booths of all kinds. You could really get a feeling of these historical fairs held back in time. There were ball throwing for a prize, you could test you strength by hitting a sledge hammer and get points for strongest hit, there was cotton candy, ice cream booth, pop corn, huge amounts of handmade crafts from Lapland and elsewere, great music and even a good old fortune teller could be found among all the amazing fair booths. Absolutely fantastic!         

 Not only did we have a great weekend we had a great success too! It seems almost unbelievable that we eg. sold ALL our Hope necklaces, these once found on ETSY among the others. 


These earrings were very popular and what people loved the most was the fact that they all looked so individual and different event though the same colors were used in many of them. This was the first time these earrings were on display at any Fair. I am happy about the great feedback they got! 

Bracelets and necklaces were very sought after and we sold quite a few of them. Below are some that are now sold out.


Some of our newest items first time with us on a Fair were also well liked. Many of these fellows found new homes in the Fair. 

The last great thing that happened just before the closing time was that our items were asked for resale to a gift shop close by. Absolutely fantastic!! The weekend was such a success and I think all of us are still smiling. We were invited to a couple of fairs in the area later this autumn and you can be sure that we will be there. Our greatest thanks to everyone who purchased our products and to all those who came to visit our booth to look at our items. It also feels great that our Charity cause got so much support. Thank you all!! With these thoughts I wish everyone a great start of the week! Lisa

keskiviikko 18. heinäkuuta 2012

Now the busy days start again. We were just confirmed that we have obtained a reserve place at the Fair this weekend:) yeaa, lucky us!! Just have to hope that the weather stays nice so that there will be loads of people. We have planned a lots of new things to bring with us to the Fair, and even more new items are on the way.

It is funny how some great ideas come to you in your sleep. Last night I dreamed about this great looking bag, and still remembered the look of the bag vividly this morning. I will absolutely make this bag asap. Maybe it will be our new hit item:). Cannot wait to show this "Dream" bag to everyone!

I wanted to show some of our newest items also online (Below). If you have any questions relating to our items feel free to comment our blog or contact us at You can also place an order to on any our items you see on our blog just by contacting us via email. As we currently show our products in a lot of Fairs we are unable to list all of them online,  so please feel free to contact us anytime :) 

                                        Really pretty and colorful childrens hats. Size 50

                                          Cellular phone sleeves with summer and autumn colors.

                                           Silver plated bracelet. Stones are glass.

                          Silver (925) bracelet. The stones are jasper. In the middle silver color fresh      
                           water pearl. 

                                  Silver plated earrings. The stones are mountain crystal.

PS. yesterday instead of a jog I had a great bike ride to the beach. Getting a little bit nervous, autumn is on it's way. It is starting to be the time for met to start my exercise regime properly in order to manage the Women's 10 in spring next year. Great...more about that later on:)

lauantai 14. heinäkuuta 2012

Good morning from Lapland..:) Great summer day yesterday, rain, rain, rain.. luckily there is some sun for today, but a thunder storm seems to be on the way. Despite the weather I think for today a jog after horse back riding and then some work..:).  

Today we'll also plan some new bags and some other newbies that are under "construction". Maybe the biggest wish for today though is that  we will get the market place for next week would be great to have chance to show our products to such a huge "audience" . Hmmm...just have to wait and see:) 

Here some earrings matching our fabulous :) rings, I think we will do some studs also. 

perjantai 13. heinäkuuta 2012

The plan for today is ...get some clay "creatures" done, continue planning the competition and perhaps finish a couple of bags that are still under work. :) We are currently on a queue for market place on 18-22 on of Laplands Summer Markets, hopefully we will get it.

More " news later for now back to work:). Will also post some pics of the earrings made to match our latest ring collection.

keskiviikko 11. heinäkuuta 2012

Sooo Happy, just sold my favorite bag on ETSY. Hopefully the customer likes it as much as I do:).

tiistai 10. heinäkuuta 2012

Hi again, on my way to sleep, but my mind is still on work:). The Facebook opening sale is still on, but I would love to have somekind of a competition on facebook, with a give away of course...hmm..have to plan it a bit more and also to think about the prizes. But I think this idea is definately on...:)

More on this later, for now good night from Lapland, Lisa

maanantai 9. heinäkuuta 2012

Back in the blog:). Our small holiday is over and it is time to get back to work full time. Weekend went nicely with horses and today a small tour to horse races also took place, but now it is the amigurumi's, miniature animals, jewellery etc. that will take our time for the rest of the day. The sale on our facebook store is still going on 25% off everything on with coupon code Openingsale. Welcome to take a look:).

Just added a few new rings onto our ETSY store. I absolutely love the colors of these rings.  Sparkling and bright, they look great with any outfit. I went and "bought" a white one for myself:)  Earrings matching these rings are on the way... they will be posted onto our ETSY store in a couple of days time:).  Good night for now from Lapland, Lisa and the team!