keskiviikko 18. heinäkuuta 2012

Now the busy days start again. We were just confirmed that we have obtained a reserve place at the Fair this weekend:) yeaa, lucky us!! Just have to hope that the weather stays nice so that there will be loads of people. We have planned a lots of new things to bring with us to the Fair, and even more new items are on the way.

It is funny how some great ideas come to you in your sleep. Last night I dreamed about this great looking bag, and still remembered the look of the bag vividly this morning. I will absolutely make this bag asap. Maybe it will be our new hit item:). Cannot wait to show this "Dream" bag to everyone!

I wanted to show some of our newest items also online (Below). If you have any questions relating to our items feel free to comment our blog or contact us at You can also place an order to on any our items you see on our blog just by contacting us via email. As we currently show our products in a lot of Fairs we are unable to list all of them online,  so please feel free to contact us anytime :) 

                                        Really pretty and colorful childrens hats. Size 50

                                          Cellular phone sleeves with summer and autumn colors.

                                           Silver plated bracelet. Stones are glass.

                          Silver (925) bracelet. The stones are jasper. In the middle silver color fresh      
                           water pearl. 

                                  Silver plated earrings. The stones are mountain crystal.

PS. yesterday instead of a jog I had a great bike ride to the beach. Getting a little bit nervous, autumn is on it's way. It is starting to be the time for met to start my exercise regime properly in order to manage the Women's 10 in spring next year. Great...more about that later on:)

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