maanantai 23. heinäkuuta 2012

The sun is shining in Lapland and also in my mind:). The Fair last weekend was absolutely fantastic. While during the rainy days in Raahe we had to practically "run" after potential customers (due to the rain the Fair was practically empty) to persuade them to even to look at our products,  this time there was no need. The Fair was packed with people. The weekend started with a slight rain, but the two days ended up with great sunshine and tons of smiling fair goers. Probably one of the biggest fairs we have ever participated in in Lapland. The Fair was held in a local sports arena and it was full of booths of all kinds. You could really get a feeling of these historical fairs held back in time. There were ball throwing for a prize, you could test you strength by hitting a sledge hammer and get points for strongest hit, there was cotton candy, ice cream booth, pop corn, huge amounts of handmade crafts from Lapland and elsewere, great music and even a good old fortune teller could be found among all the amazing fair booths. Absolutely fantastic!         

 Not only did we have a great weekend we had a great success too! It seems almost unbelievable that we eg. sold ALL our Hope necklaces, these once found on ETSY among the others. 


These earrings were very popular and what people loved the most was the fact that they all looked so individual and different event though the same colors were used in many of them. This was the first time these earrings were on display at any Fair. I am happy about the great feedback they got! 

Bracelets and necklaces were very sought after and we sold quite a few of them. Below are some that are now sold out.


Some of our newest items first time with us on a Fair were also well liked. Many of these fellows found new homes in the Fair. 

The last great thing that happened just before the closing time was that our items were asked for resale to a gift shop close by. Absolutely fantastic!! The weekend was such a success and I think all of us are still smiling. We were invited to a couple of fairs in the area later this autumn and you can be sure that we will be there. Our greatest thanks to everyone who purchased our products and to all those who came to visit our booth to look at our items. It also feels great that our Charity cause got so much support. Thank you all!! With these thoughts I wish everyone a great start of the week! Lisa

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