torstai 26. heinäkuuta 2012

Hello again from Lapland,
wanted quickly to post our newest jewellery during the busy day of "gift" making. We have decided to open up a new shop on Etsy shortly. As we have so many different items in our collections we have to separate them somehow, thus a Lilla (Swedish for litte) Boutique will be selling our handcrafted gift items while UniqueD.Scandinavia sells jewellery and bags. However, as there will be so many sites that has to be kept up UniqueD.Scandinavia and Lilla Boutique will have the same blog and the same Facebook pages. Both UniqueD.Scandinavias and Lillsa Boutique items will also be sold in a common Facebook store currenlty under UniqueD.Scandinavia. So here some latest news. Yeaa, today some horse back riding (a little break is defenately welcome!). But now here some new jewellery designs.  

Smiles from Lapland, Lisa




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