perjantai 27. heinäkuuta 2012

Good evening, it is quite late at night and I am getting sleepy:) Gocsh! Cannot believe that I have been working the whole day from 7.30 am till now 10.50 pm. But it has been worth it...why.., well first thing of course have to stay up to see the opening of London Olympics (LOL) and also at the same time have finally been able to launch our newest project that has been planned for a couple of months now. Some of these items are already available on Etsy and there is a lot more to come..:). So welcome to see our newest project I was so excited to show these that I could not wait till tomorrow. Now I can sleep:)!! ... Good night from Lapland, Lisa

Oh, Oh, Oh, and now of course the computer DOES NOT now pics today:) but will post them tomorrow after we arrive from our favorite place i.e horse riding competition. This time dressage. CU tomorrow, Bye for now, Lisa

Back again...waited a while and gave it another try, was able to load them after all.. Loved the Mr. Bean part in the London Olympics, he is always so great and funny:)))

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