maanantai 31. joulukuuta 2012

Happy New Year 2013!!

We thank you all for the past wonderful year and wish you all a Happy and Successful New Year 2013!

Lisa and Ella

keskiviikko 26. joulukuuta 2012

Christmas SALE 15% off on our ETSY store

Hope everyone is having a happy and joyful Christmas!! Now that the holidays are still going on and we want Christmas to continue forever.. We decided to have  a Christmas sale on our Etsy store. 15% off on all our items new and old:), just use the coupon code HAPPYNEWYEAR4U. This sale also includes all the products found on our blog:). For enquieries on these items just contact us at We are happy to help!!:))

Now back to Christmas chocolate, music and great old Christmas movies.

Happy Holidays! Lisa and Ella

maanantai 24. joulukuuta 2012

Merry Christmas!

                                                                    Merry Christmas

                                                                        to You All!
                                                                      Lisa and Ella

torstai 20. joulukuuta 2012

Hello again from Freezing cold Lapland,

Having a small break and decided to visit the blog after a small while. It is freezing cold over here..almost too scared to go out:) !! (-22 C), but I guess we "winter" people get used to it fast!
Still some Christmas items on the way and then it is time for Holidays for us too.
Horse back riding for today canceled due to the freezing weather, so I guess it will be jewelry making and Christmas house baking today. Sometimes it really feels great to have an excuse just to stay inside with candle light, zipping tea, listening to music and well..."relaxing" :)

Have a great day everyone, from Lapland Lisa

sunnuntai 16. joulukuuta 2012

Hello again from Lapland,

Busy times before Holidays still going on, but we are having great fun. Today some relaxation as well with horse riding lesson and then back to work:). I think maybe finally there might be time to update our websites also... :). I absolutely like the international ones like Etsy, Trembu, Wanelo. It is great to see feedback of your work also from people outside Scandinavia i.e. people who cannot come and see our product in nature.

Yesterday we finished a lot of packaging and started already make some small plans for the New Years. But now back to this lovely Holiday season and Scandinavian Christmasy stuff

Smiles from Lapland Lisa

tiistai 11. joulukuuta 2012

Good morning:) Looks like the day is getting absolutely gorgeous over here in the Scandinavian north. Today again a very busy schedule with " a few" helpers though, thank God. Busy days for The holidays have started to show, but as hectic it might be we feel energetic and actually filled with very happy and joyous energy. Trhutfully, we even wish that it was always like this:).

I have to go today and buy some boxes to get our newly ordered "stuff" organized.

Just a brief update of what going on in our lives and now back to business.:)

Smiles from Lapland, Lisa

maanantai 10. joulukuuta 2012

Hello again, its middle of the night, but could not help listing some of our newest energy wrap bracelets I just LOVE doing and designing these bracelets they all become so individual looking and so so beautiful. More is also on the plan:) Now wishing you all good night and happy dreams, Lisa :)

For any questions just convo us at
"Rain Forest"

                                                               "Loyalty, support"


                                                        "Meditation, Heart Chakra"                                        

sunnuntai 9. joulukuuta 2012

Listing some of our new items, some can already be found online, but for the others just convo us at if you like one:) have a great day Lisa and Ella

perjantai 7. joulukuuta 2012

We thank you Oulu and all the people that came to visit our booth at the Christmas Fair on 1-.2.2012.
Hope to see you all soon  again.
Here are some items sold on the fair. During the busy Christmas times we are unable to dispaly all our new items on the internet, thus if you like an item that cannot be found online in our website just conact us at


lauantai 1. joulukuuta 2012

Welcome to check out our Christmas Calendar on Facebook.
Today's door:

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...

Earrings handmade Abakus pearl. Silver plated jewelry metal.

torstai 15. marraskuuta 2012

Oh dear, A month has passed since my last update in the blog...hmm.. too much to do I suppose. So what is going on, studying, making and planning new jewelry, finishing some custom orders and preparing for coming Christmas Fairs. So a LOT to do:).  Our cousin is helping out in making some of the jewelry for Christmas as just the two of us could not make it at the moment. Thank God for a "big" helpful family:). I am writing this in the middle of the night as I just finished a couple of new jewelry for Christmas and New Years collection. Thus, I suppose it is now time to go to sleep. Wishing you all a good and peacful night, Lisa from Lapland:)

maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2012

Hello again, The Arts and Crafts Fair was fantastic, absolutely packed with people so I ended up only staying for a couple of hours as even walking around started to feel like people pumping:).. But the trip was definately worth doing and I got some little souvenirs for our store too. Yesterday was once again spent at a local horse show jumping competition. A great day, great horses and huge fun! Today it was then again time to return back to real life and my art history studies started officially, very excited. The first course I will take will be about Finnish art history and then on I will expand (not exactly as I  previously planned, but maybe a better point of view to the studies:)). And this evening I will continue with my Angel Reiki course. I feel like I have learnt a great deal already, even though, the course has only lasted a week.

For the store we are also planning a one day private local show for our jewelry, but not quite sure when to hold it. Right before Christmas might be a good idea:).

I will spend the evening jogging and horse back riding, thus a back with the blog later:) Best from Lapland, Lisa

perjantai 12. lokakuuta 2012

Good morning from Lapland,
Today's plan is to visit Arts and Crafts Fair in Oulu. A great big event held once a year and with a lot of visitors. Unfortunately we are not participating this time, but just to be there as a customer is surely great fun. It is our first time visiting this fair:). I also made a great decision a couple of months back. I think knowledge in art history would bring a great addition and new insights into our jewelry and bag collections. Thus, I will start art history studies at the University of Turku next week. So looking forward to do this. The angel Reiki course is still going on, but I think that doing these two things at the same time will not be a problem as you can do the art history studies pretty much at you own pace. I am thinking about starting the studies with international art course concentrating on western art (have taken a similar course before, but since I cannot remember too much of it it will be good to refresh my memory). The whole art history course will take a year and from then on it is possible to continue upto...:). Well, lets see, but now time to get ready for the Arts and Crafts Fair.

Wishing everyone a great saturday:) Lisa

maanantai 8. lokakuuta 2012

Good day:) After a great deal of work in the morning, the day was finished at local horse races. I think probably the best part was the Monte ride. It was womens night, which ment free access to women to the races and Monte ride was arranged against women and men. The results, they said was a tie:). Well, pretty sure that the ride was just for show as one of the men racing said that he had not been on a horseback in 5 years and one of the women was a dressage rider. But it was great fun. No pics unfortunately as we forgot the camera.
Now back to work with jewelry, bracelet, necklaces, earrings and Christams fun. Good day to you all from Lapland, Lisa

sunnuntai 7. lokakuuta 2012

Hello again:) I am so excited a first sample of our Christmas collection jewelry is now online. Hopefully it gets good feedback. These products have been on plan for the longest time and more is yet to come. You may also find pics of the sample here. Have a great energizing sunday everyone:) Lisa from Lapland.

lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012

Good day from Lapland:)
This day started with full of energy. I spent last night reading some new books (new for me:)) about Feng Shui and I was just so fascinated by it that it was 1.30 pm before I forced my self to go to sleep. Our studio will definately get some new decorations today...hmmm :). For the longest time I have also wanted to take an angel Reiki course and now I finally found the time to participate next week.So excited to see how the course is and start working with angel Reiki in the future. I definately want to use this angelic energy also in our energy products. Eventhough our products are all cleansed with Sage and all stones are energized with different methods before we use them in our jewelry, Angel Reiki will bring a great new addition to all of our products. My sister especially is so into Angels that this addition will make her jump up into the sky..) and make me smile.

Happy and energizing saturday, Lisa

perjantai 5. lokakuuta 2012

Half past eight friday night and still working...:)). Feeling great as we love to work on our energy products.  A new line is currently on the plan which is meant especially for Christams. Amazing how energizing stones really are. Loving my work at the moment:). Wishing huge amounts of positive energy to everyone. Lisa

sunnuntai 30. syyskuuta 2012

Good morning from Lapland, Such a great morning that I had to post something on the blog: ) The feeling that things will go really well sometimes just hits you and I wanted to spread this feeling forward. Today a little visit to the ocean side and lets see what we can find. Just love the ocean!!
All the best energies to everywhere in the world, wishing you an incredible Sunday, from Lapland Lisa :)

lauantai 29. syyskuuta 2012

Greetings again from Lapland:) We have again planned some new energy bracelets for men (pics below). These are so much fun to do, maybe we will switch into mens jewelry all together. My cousin said he would just absolutely love it:)!! A great big fan who just visited and bought a bunch of jewelry:) Thank you cousin welcome to visit us a again. Well we hope that these will be as appreciated among others as well. 
We are still planning the name for this new line, almost there...but some slight thinking to be done. Soon all of these will be found on our own website. Have a great day world:)  Energetic and smiling Lisa from Lapland!!