perjantai 12. lokakuuta 2012

Good morning from Lapland,
Today's plan is to visit Arts and Crafts Fair in Oulu. A great big event held once a year and with a lot of visitors. Unfortunately we are not participating this time, but just to be there as a customer is surely great fun. It is our first time visiting this fair:). I also made a great decision a couple of months back. I think knowledge in art history would bring a great addition and new insights into our jewelry and bag collections. Thus, I will start art history studies at the University of Turku next week. So looking forward to do this. The angel Reiki course is still going on, but I think that doing these two things at the same time will not be a problem as you can do the art history studies pretty much at you own pace. I am thinking about starting the studies with international art course concentrating on western art (have taken a similar course before, but since I cannot remember too much of it it will be good to refresh my memory). The whole art history course will take a year and from then on it is possible to continue upto...:). Well, lets see, but now time to get ready for the Arts and Crafts Fair.

Wishing everyone a great saturday:) Lisa

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