maanantai 15. lokakuuta 2012

Hello again, The Arts and Crafts Fair was fantastic, absolutely packed with people so I ended up only staying for a couple of hours as even walking around started to feel like people pumping:).. But the trip was definately worth doing and I got some little souvenirs for our store too. Yesterday was once again spent at a local horse show jumping competition. A great day, great horses and huge fun! Today it was then again time to return back to real life and my art history studies started officially, very excited. The first course I will take will be about Finnish art history and then on I will expand (not exactly as I  previously planned, but maybe a better point of view to the studies:)). And this evening I will continue with my Angel Reiki course. I feel like I have learnt a great deal already, even though, the course has only lasted a week.

For the store we are also planning a one day private local show for our jewelry, but not quite sure when to hold it. Right before Christmas might be a good idea:).

I will spend the evening jogging and horse back riding, thus a back with the blog later:) Best from Lapland, Lisa

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