lauantai 6. lokakuuta 2012

Good day from Lapland:)
This day started with full of energy. I spent last night reading some new books (new for me:)) about Feng Shui and I was just so fascinated by it that it was 1.30 pm before I forced my self to go to sleep. Our studio will definately get some new decorations today...hmmm :). For the longest time I have also wanted to take an angel Reiki course and now I finally found the time to participate next week.So excited to see how the course is and start working with angel Reiki in the future. I definately want to use this angelic energy also in our energy products. Eventhough our products are all cleansed with Sage and all stones are energized with different methods before we use them in our jewelry, Angel Reiki will bring a great new addition to all of our products. My sister especially is so into Angels that this addition will make her jump up into the sky..) and make me smile.

Happy and energizing saturday, Lisa

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