sunnuntai 9. syyskuuta 2012

Here we are again after quite a long break...well holidays are good for everyone:). Yet, it has not exactly been a holiday for anyone of us, as we have been in a fair in Rovaniemi and also planned and finished a bunch of new items for our fall "selection". But how was Rovaniemi? The Fair went quite well regardless of the stupidity in table reservations... we ended up without one after confirming our arrival several times (even the confirmation was almost impossible as no reply to emails and no reply to confirmations was a sure fact,  thanks for the great job done by the organizers:( !!! ). No table was a nice surprise after all that packing, picking up more things and helpers, on the way and driving for hours. Well, luckily all that mess did not ruin our trip and we had a great Fair and got some sales also. Now we are back at home and smiles are back on our faces:) ! Here are some of the jewelry that were sold at the Fair (If you would like a similar item, please convo us at Warmest thanks to all the Fair goers that came to visit our booth. Hope to see you soon again:) 


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