keskiviikko 23. toukokuuta 2012

UniqueD.Scandinavia for Health Promotion:)

Oh Oh! So the decision has been made! Together with UniqueD.Scandinavia for Health Promotion it was decided that one of us would take part in Women's 10 the following year 2013. And Lucky Lisa was the one to receive the honor:) . The following year in addition to our "traditional" blog you can read about Lisa's progress and feelings about participating in Women's 10 next spring. Also a brief interview on Lisa's feelings on the process, the run and how she is going to start her exercise regime will be available shortly. Feel free to comment on Lisa's blog and maybe even join Lisa's attempt to succeed in women's 2013 run in Helsinki in a similar run in your own area.:)

Smiles from sunny Lapland, UniqueD.Scandinavia Team

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