perjantai 15. kesäkuuta 2012

Lisa's interview on Women's 10


It has been  a long time. Oh dear, the interview, will be posted shortly I said. Almost a month has passed by, well maybe that's Lappish for shortly (NOT!!). 
Anyway, here we are back again and now it is finally time for Lisa's interview. 

Interviewer: Hi Lisa, how are you today? Looking forward to your project?:) 

Lisa: Oh dear! I am sure its going to be fun yet I am a bit scared to be frank. I used to jog quite a bit when I was younger, but had given it up few years back due to a lot of changing schedules. Now I have started again with little spurts two-three times a week during the summer  and in autumn I will start practicing properly. So little summer fun to start with. I also horse back ride twice a week which also keeps my condition up. Even though some people say it is the horse that does the work:) So much for Health Promotion! 

Interviewer: Oh, exactly ... that leads to my next question. Why did you and your company start the Health Promotion campaign? 

Lisa: Good question, there is no short answer really, but we want to on our part participate in some way  in cancer awareness and health promotion as one of us was diagnosed with the disease a couple of years ago. Our team member went through surgery and rough treatments and is doing fine at the moment.  But it gave us all a lot to think about and we want to be involved in making people aware of the disease and have also launched the Hope-Collection to promote love, hope and faith among all of us:). Thus, I am very devoted to do the run and promote this cause on our part. 

Interviewer: Wonderful, I wish you all the best in your project and best greetings to your co-worker happy to hear that she is doing better. 

Lisa: Thanks, my progress will be updated and I will let you know my latest feeling about the project. 

Interviewer: Great, I saw you have some new projects also on the way, a bunny rabbit almost jumped on my face on my way in. 

Lisa: LOL, that is true, they are coming and I do not even have a barn. 

Interviewer: Best of luck Lisa and will be hearing form you soon. 

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