tiistai 26. kesäkuuta 2012

Back home from Midsummer Festivals and Raahe:). The Midsummer was great, fantastic food, good company and lot of fun. Not really a  traditional one as we did not even see a bond fire, but the event by the sea was good fun... Street dancers, pony rides, good music, tasty food and loads of people, yes would definately do it again.
After the Midsummer party it was time for work. We arrived at Raahe early in the morning and had a great little wooden booth waiting for us to place our items in. The day would have been perfect were there not the other inhabitants in our booth also... arggh! Yep..quite a few of them actually:) It definately kept me busy during the day, running in and out of our booth to avoid stinging. Yes, believe it or not we found three bee nests on the roof on the inside of our booth. We of course(!!) made an "emergency" call to the agency that takes care of the booths and help was soon on the way, at least so we were told. Thank you and well done it arrived well after we had already departed...Now the booth is bee free:) Thanks a lot, yet too late for us!!:) 
Some picks also for you to see. Next time in Raahe at Pekka's Fair  30.6 2012. Warmly welcome! 

 Sis taking a picture of me while I am taking a picture of her...Well, that works:)
 Midsummer eve...

 You could actually do some hoolahooping  also if you wanted to...:)
 The welcoming bee nests on the roof of our booth...ONLY three of them and with inhabitants.

 Some newbies in the Fair.

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