lauantai 30. kesäkuuta 2012

Hello again from Lapland,
Just arrived home from Raahe approximately 1 hour ago. The plan was to stay there till the end of the fair (i.e. about midnight till the dance was over), but no luck with the weather...rain, rain, rain...thus, we ended up packing our stuff before dinner and headed home:). Eventhough, the rain took care of the lack of people we had some fun. Had some fantastic Cafe Latte and KarlFazer choclate (iik..what about the Health Promotion Campaign and the run..hmm, still on it and WILL jogg tommorrow!!:)) and laughed like grazy with my sis trying to count how many people and potential customers we could SEE (mostly on the other side of the street) within an hour (the average result, approximately 0.5) while "selling" in our booth. The end result for the whole day; zero sales, but huge amounts of fun! At this point, some great philosopher might ask, now what is more important...Ughhh, Well, do you know what philosopher, I do not know!! :) But anyway, now after such a "hard" day of work it is time to relax and maybe to watch some TV and then (if time permits:)) finish some work.

We will be adding items also onto our ETSY store so welcome to take a look :).

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